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Back in the year 2009, starting as Eco Concept Earth in Sweden, we brought our organic eco-friendly zeolite to market a new non-corrosive alternative to winter road and pavement de-icing/anti-skid grit. Our ZeoFriction later on won the award for 'Innovation of the Future' at the Infrastructure & Municipal Technology Fair.  Acquired by the current owners in 2012 and rebranded to Zeo-Concept ECE, Oscar, the present-day CEO joined and laid the foundations for what we are today, this was when the zeo-family was born. From here we launched an organic animal-feed additive, ECO-Certified, and sourced from one of the highest grade zeolite mines on the planet.

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We also began to dive deep into the ZEOLUTION and quickly understood that there were several uses and markets, and have in fact been in use worldwide since the 1940's, with obviously now a significant amount of research conducted to back and confirm the Zeo-way. In addition to conducting primary trials with local clients, market trials rapidly proved our products benefits, which we quickly saw with healthier livestockreduced diarrhoea and antibiotics but also faster and more stable growth. Further evaluation and testing with multiple zoo veterinarians verified these astonishing and game-changing results.

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We wanted to expand our knowledge further though, so approached the Swedish University of Agriculture and Stockholm University, who have worked with zeolite and its extraordinary uses for the last 40 years, varying from its organic fertilisers to neutralising nuclear disasters. It has been an exciting but not easy journey. The pivotal challenge has been to encourage the customer to step away from traditional and out-dated market offerings, and to instead witness the environmental and economic benefits of our products. 

Today our Zeo-Concept's OMRI certified products focus on the following sectors; agriculture, environment and safety. 2021 was a crucial year for us, with the launch of a unique water purification filter system, Zeo-Water​, which was innovatively conceived again by Oscar, our CEO. An economical, sustainable and circular-economy solution for polluted water courses and industry, outperforming many established product offerings. Furthermore, 2021 was the expansion and growth of our new UK subsidiary and team! To tomorrow; our goal is to challenge different industries and develop ecological solutions to the duress the world is facing. We have the needed answers to become a total environmental solutions provider and a one stop shop for customers everywhere in the world. But then what? Well the possibilities are endless, see for yourself! 

Saving you, saving the planet.


Why we do what we do: 



While farming is millions of years old, you don't still use a horse and plough, so why use out-dated methods, when your neighbour is already using the latest innovation, increasing their yield and decreasing their costs! Don't fall behind and miss out!

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