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Zeolite Clinoptilolite

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What is ZEOLITE?



Zeolite rocks

Our product is made of 100% organic Zeolite Clinoptilolite which is a naturally occurring volcanic mineral. It is formed when volcanic ash (aluminosilicates) was exposed to extremely high temperatures and pressures over millions of years during dramatic volcanic eruptions. Then, when exposed with salt-water a chemical reaction occurs, where stone-like zeolites are formed in about 60 different varieties, one of these is the super mineral, Zeolite Clinoptilolite. So while it is just a mineral, it is also a purification plant, a nutritional battery, a water reservoir and a chemical catalyst. As a result it can be used from everything from agriculture, cultivation and animal husbandry, to slip prevention, sanitation, biogas and water purification.

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The zeolite we use is both KRAV-approved and OMRI-listed, meaning it is already approved for organic cultivation throughout the EU. It is completely harmless, entirely environmentally friendly, and has a number of exciting properties, whilst filled with good nutrients. Therefore, it can contribute to well-being in both animals and plants completely naturally! And all in one product! Today, zeolite is already in your home and workplace without you even knowing about it, from your dishwasher, smoke alarms, cat litter and much more! So there really is no reason why you shouldn't start utilising the ZEO-WAY today for your gain! We are already revolutionising industries, so you will only regret not trying it sooner!  

It was no coincidence NASA used zeolite clinoptilolite to grow the first plant in space! 

Zeolite rocks

But how does it work? 

In appearance, it looks like rock, but in fact it is structured a bit like a beehive, full of microscopic cavities and channels, it is because of this unique structure, along with its negative charge, that it can act like a molecular sieve. This allows it to absorb and encapsulate harmful substances and pollutants, while additionally converting, via ion-exchange, into good nutritional supplements, creating a nurturing environment for beneficial substances. Much like quartz and feldspar minerals, zeolites are 3D frameworks of silicate (SiO4) tetrahedra, meaning that all four oxygen corners of each tetrahedron are shared with adjacent tetrahedra. Furthermore the charge is balanced by the existence of both singly and doubly charged atoms, including sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca2+), and magnesium (Mg2+), somewhere else within the structure. 


Our mineral has a significantly high ​CEC (cation exchange capacity), giving it the rare ability to selectively neutralise and exchange detrimental substances such as heavy metals, ammonia, phosphates, nitrates and many other toxins. This allows it to act as a contaminant storage vault, to permanently bind these toxins and unwanted substances to the zeolite instead, simply removing them from the surrounding environment. To get the full picture and the 'chemistry stuff' of all that our magic mineral can do, simply click here. In terms of purification, it can filter and purify both water and soils to a higher degree than both carbon filters and sand, it really is nature's own cleaner. This is the ZEOLUTION. And it is changing the world. 

Zeolite rocks

The Zeo-Way is both simple and profitable. Drastically reduce your work efforts and quickly save at least 60% of both water and fertiliser


Our zeolite has a very high absorption capacity and attracts and encapsulates both liquids and gases. It can fill between 45-55% of its own weight with foreign matter. Again, thanks to the fact that it is negatively charged, built up with microscopic channels. This property is of great use in farming and, among other things, like animal husbandry as litter and cleaning in stables and boxes. But don't just take our word for it, hear what our clients are saying:


                    of zoos in Nordic countries use zeolite to improve animal welfare


We use Zeo-Strö as a supplement to our substrate, straw/hay, or shavings. It reduces odour as well as moisture in the substrate. It is used for the indoor spaces of baboons, meerkats and other animals that have a very strong smell. Thanks to Zeo-Concept, the indoor environment is much better for both the animals and for those who work with them. 

-  Jonas Wahlström

Director of Skansen Aquarium


promote your own circular economy

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Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4



Ammonia and urea within the gut. Reduces odour emissions.

Improves animal welfare.


Ailments and foot lesions.

Respiratory diseases.

Antibiotic usage.


Ammonia into Nitrogen. Binding nutrients to reduce runoff.


ZeoStrö turns bedding into a slow release fertiliser and a higher value product, increasing field crop yields naturally.

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The planet gave us this healing gift, it is up to you to use it... 



Improvement in overall animal welfare that helps reduce antibiotic use, significantly reduces E. coli counts, enhances the animals (e.g. cattle, chicken) living conditions through ammonia and phosphate binding thereby enhancing protein yield through a 'happier' animal.



Binds methane in cattle when used in animal feed, so has a positive environmental impact on cattle rearing.



Binds carbon when used on the land to prevent CO2 release during soil activities.

Join the #ZEOLUTION2023 to slow down global emissions.


Binds nitrogen, phosphates, and potassium through its significant CEC (cation exchange) so that the manure produced has lower ammonia and extends the life of the litter/bedding being used. 


Creates what is termed an NPK battery so when the slurry is added to the fields, prevents 80% of the nutrient run-off that is damaging the rivers and watercourses (e.g. Wye Valley). Is also effective if used on the wet waste of anaerobic digesters to make a more efficient nutrient delivery and prevent run-off.


The plant roots grow stronger & deeper searching and gathering the NPK bound up in the zeolite, thereby plant yields are significantly higher (30-40%). Results from use in a UK nursery have demonstrated higher plant yield.



Zeolite has a long shelf life and in many cases can be reused several times without losing its effect. This makes it both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


Much like electric vehicles, it was not in the big world's interest to let them happen, until one day a company was prepared to take them on. Zeolite is on that same path. It is just Zeo-Concept ECE making that opportunity a reality.

Seems too good to be true right? It really is the solution to all your problems. Contact us today to see how you can start saving straight away!

we cannot keep polluting our world

let's slow and stop the damage.

change starts with little steps


be the change you want to see

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