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ZeoFriction is an environmentally friendly natural mineral alternative to grit or rock-salt, with very high friction capabilities. It is 100% natural and safe for people, animals and nature, as it is non-corrosive. It contains no additives, salt, chemicals or dyes, whilst still working in temperatures down to -50°C.

7x more friction than sand/crushed stone - 9x more friction than salt/chemicals

As it's a very porous and highly absorbent mineral, by absorbing moisture it sticks to the ice. As it melts the  slippery ice, it can store up to 60% of its weight in water, reducing excess flooding from meltwater.

With a rigid structure and large surface area, it is the ultimate traction enhancer for winter, and can serve as an outstanding substitute for road salt and paths. Whilst grit and chemicals damage the environment around, making it difficult for plants to grow and photosynthesise, it also gets carried into the water systems and can be fatal for aquatic animals. ZeoFriction magically does the opposite. It benefits the surrounding world, nurturing and helping growth, making everything healthier, while protecting and purifying. Natures gift for nature.

Won the "Award for Innovation" at the Infrastructure & Municipal Technology Fair 2012 in Sweden.

ZeoFriction works by absorbing the thin film of water on the surface of the ice and snow and sticks there. The result is a lasting sandpaper effect on asphalt, stone and wood, or everywhere you want a highly effective slip prevention. By not having to spread as much grains per square surface unlike sand or stone, fewer hours need to be spent on anti-slip. In addition, there will be less sweeping up on the edge of the spring, which also saves time and resources.

Cost effective alternative - More and more contractors are seeing that ZeoFriction provides a cost advantage when bidding because they can do the work faster vehicle utilisation will also be higher and material consumption lower. Customers such as villa owners, property owners and municipalities also value that the contractor uses a material that is gentle on surface materials, vegetation and animals.

Contributes positively to nature

While it has exceptional gripping qualities, another advantage of using ZeoFriction is that it also benefits the surrounding environment. The mineral contributes to soil improvement and reduces the need for irrigation and fertilisation. Perfect for golf courses, gardens or parks!

ZeoFriction also has a positive effect on soils and watercourses through its high cation exchange capacity. At the molecular level, the zeolite captures water-soluble ions from heavy metals and toxins and encapsulates them for good. Therefore, you don't have to drive the material to a landfill and can instead sweep out any residues after the winter's anti-slip treatment in flower beds and on grassy areas. There, the zeolite will continue to contribute to purifying the earth.

Or you simply let it remain until it has crumbled so much from the road users' tires and shoe soles that it can run off with the spring rains - and so you have minimally burdened the environment.

Free from quartz dust - safer for your lungs

Unlike rock chips and sand, ZeoFrction is neither sandstone, granite nor gneiss, but pure zeolite clinoptilolite. The material contains neither fibrogenic quartz nor respirable quartz particles which, when dispersed and absorbed, risk reaching the respiratory tract and leading to silicosis and lung cancer.


This means that usually have to carry out the work with a tight full-face mask or closed vehicle. With ZeoFriction you don't need to irrigate or use a face masks, nor do you need to sanitise and wash the work clothes afterwards. Saving you your valuable time and effort, while you have the reassurance your are not damaging your health and body. All in all, anti-slip with ZeoFriction leads to both higher comfort while the work is being carried out, lower costs for protective equipment, fewer heavy lifts and safer personnel who are not at risk of getting sick because of the work.

Do you want to know more? Read about quartz and stone dust in the work environment and AFS 2015:2 at the Swedish Work Environment Authority here.

Lower risk of both animal and vehicle damage

The fact that wild animals seek out the roads in winter, where they have learned that there is salt, is a big reason to choose salt-free anti-slip, if possible.

ZeoFriction is lighter and weighs half as much compared to sand and gravel, which gives an environmental advantage as you can drive with fully filled vehicles and reduce transport for refilling several times. The density is just over 0.8 compared to 1.5-1.6 for sand and gravel and 2.1 for road salt – something to keep in mind when comparing prices.

Another advantage is that the risk of stone chips is lower because the mass of the grains that may thrown up is half, which halves the kinetic energy towards the impact surface. In addition, the zeolite is softer with 4.5 on the Mohs hardness scale compared to 7 for sand and gravel. So the risk of blast damage and scratches on car paintwork and sensitive ground and floor surfaces is minimal.


Dosing requirements over time always depend on weather and traffic, e.g. how much rain and snow falls but ZeoFriction is much more effective in creating a non-slip friction surface than sand and gravel. The challenge is not to overdose so as to achieve the good economy ZeoFriction can provide.

1,000 kg of ZeoFriction = 1,200 liters which is enough for up to 58,000 m2 corresponding to 1.4 miles at 4m road width. A suitable setting is 35 – 45 g/m2 on a sand or salt spreader. Dosing yourself on e.g. walking surfaces, you weigh up 60 g/m2 - so approx. 0.75 dl /m2 .

In practice, of course, it can be difficult to achieve a completely even spread and you want to achieve slip-proof with a margin, so take the height when ordering because the material consumption on average may be slightly higher than above. But with ZeoFriction you can still "oversand" with a clear conscience because you neither harm the environment, animals nor sensitive materials and possibly excess only does good where it ends up.

  • 1.0-2.5 mm (all-rounder, best for smooth surfaces, perfect for slippery stairs)

  •  2.5-5.0 mm (longer action, good on hard packed snow)

  •  4-8 mm (slower effect, follows with less under the soles)

In addition to the environmental aspects, the material does not corrode iron, concrete or stone, which can significantly extend the life of our infrastructure. ZeoFriction is the only sustainable way to secure our winter roads and our environment.

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Thank you for your message and we look forward to chatting with you soon!

Want a more effective, cheaper but also safer alternative this winter? 

Don't hurt yourself or the planet anymore.

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