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More efficient filtering - Unique absorption of pollutants - Saves money, work and the environment

ZeoAqua is a 100% natural product for the treatment of drinking and pool water. It maximises the filtering effect and reduces operating costs. This is due to its excellent filtration ability and its unique way to ionise harmful substances. ZeoAqua is an optimised product that is suitable for all types of water and electricity.

ZeoAqua has an unbeatable alteration due to its supreme surface area/gram. ZeoAqua's surface is many times greater than any other type of filter-media and removes even the smallest contaminants down to 2 microns in size. This results in a very low level of turbidity in comparison with other filter media (NTU value). ZeoAqua has an outstanding filtration effect thanks to the total surface area of micropores and mesopores, up to 60m2/g.

Absorbent effect in the form of hollow channels accelerates the fate rate and maximises the efficiency of the entire filtration volume. At the same time, a higher level of particle filtration is ensured. 

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Technical Properties



Flow rate with gravity filter (m3/h/m2)

Flow rate with pressure filter (m3/h/m2)

Micro-filtration efficiency

Surface area (interior) per gram

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ZeoAqua is a superior water purifier, utilising the non-toxic and natural Zeolite Clinoptilolite. Water purification involves eliminating contaminants such as microorganisms, suspended solids, or dissolved substances from sources like swimming pools and hot tubs, aquariums, and ponds.

ZeoAqua filter media produces crystal clear water, free from impurities and smells. Less work required, and instead more time for enjoyment, while still saving money. This is because it needs less energy, while also a lower consumption of chemicals and a lower cost to heat the water, plus 50% less frequent cleaning of the filter.
ZeoAqua takes your pool, pond or aquarium to the next level! While also being a completely
100% natural mineral purifier that works for all types of filters.

Happy humans, happy mamals, happy planet!

Varför inte prova ZeoAqua? Vi kan garantera att du inte kommer att ångra dig! Se vad våra andra kunder har sagt och varför de aldrig kommer att gå tillbaka efter att ha provat Zeo-Way:

"I bought ZeoAqua filter media for my pool 40m3 from Zeo-Concept. Fast delivery and very professional help to buy the right quantity and fraction. Changed regular filter sand 90kg to Zeolite 60kg and has got much lower flow resistance and at the same time perfect purification. The pump can run at much lower speeds and the energy savings are large - more than 50%. The water is crystal clear. All perfect - thank you Zeo-Concept for good stuff and great service."

~  Johan Eckerdal,


ZeoAqua has been providing filter media to swimming pools and bathhouses since 2015, and so far we have not received a single customer complaint, and every customer STILL USES ZEOAQUA TO THIS DAY. Our clients are very satisfied with both the increased water quality and the lower energy consumption they achieve for their filter systems, by achieving a lower flow resistance with our Zeo-Way than with sand, and that they can halve the frequency of backwashes. Customers who can speed control their pumps have managed to reduce their electricity consumption by up to 70% compared to before. Customers also feel that their need to use disinfection has halved compared to before.

We also have many pool builders as customers, and who now only install ZeoAqua in the sand filters they deliver to the pools. Such as Miami Pool, Sweden's oldest and most experienced swimming pool builder, with over 50 years experience, who now exclusively only use ZeoAqua as the filter media for every new pool installation across both Sweden and Finland. They say that most often there will be perfect water quality immediately after installation. This leads to far fewer return visits to adjust the water quality with chemicals after a pool construction, which in addition to getting more satisfied customers, saves them all time, costs and travel.

Benefits of using ZeoAqua compared to sand in pool water treatment:


A more effective  physical capture of impurities by zeolite particles compared to the sand which is heavier and can lead to filter blockage.


Less frequent washing of the filter which allows improved energy efficiency and reduced water consumption necessary for rinsing (by up to 30%).


Enormously large surface area of the mineral with enhanced adsorption of contaminants (100 kg of zeolite offers external area of more than 3 million m2 and internal area of 60 million m2).


Adsorption of contaminates including ammonia and phosphates (1kg of zeolite can retain up to 23kg of ions NH4+).


Elimination of ammonia from water leads to enhanced chloration, i.e. the volume of chlorine necessary for treatment of pool water is reduced by up to 35%.


Renewable material – in order to maintain this quality, the filter inset needs to be regenerated by a 10% solution of salt (1 kg NaCl for 10L of water). The inset must be kept in the solution for 2 hours as minimum. After that the regenerated filter is washed and rinsed as usual and can be reused to clean and treat the water in the pool.


Thanks to its sharp edges, ZeoAqua is able to capture particles as small as 2–3 microns, while sand can only capture particles of 15 microns and larger.

What is the uptake of pollutants?

ZeoAqua has a crystal structure and negative charge, so it works as a unique, selective screen. It binds molecules of pollutants Ammonium (N-NH4+), Lead (Pb2+), Copper II (Cu2), Carbon Disulfide (Cs2), Zinc II (Zn2+), Strontium II (Sr2+) and other heavy metals as well as many other substances. With both molecular and mechanical alteration, ZeoAqua becomes the filter media for the 21st century. A very special filter media with many special functions.

The total ion exchange capacity for ammonia absorption is 1.3mol/kg, i.e., up to 23g of ammonia per 1kg of ZeoAqua. This unique property drastically increased the effectiveness of sanitisers that are dosed in additional phases of the water treatment. It reduces the amount of ammonia ions available for reaction with chlorine and thus significantly reduces toxic chloramines and the use of chlorine and other chemical products by up to 60%.

Financial Savings?

With its long service life (approximately 2x longer than traditional sand) and high filter power, it saves both money and water consumption. If the pool is heated, you heat 3x less water, as backwashing of the filter is not required as frequently. Its absorbent effect in the form of hollow channels accelerates the fate rate and maximises the efficiency of the entire filtration volume. At the same time, a more even level of particle filtration in its entirety is ensured. 

  • The high flow velocity rate makes it possible to increase the volume of treated water with the capacity of current technology, and saves water by reducing the volume needed for backwashing and rinsing.

  • These features can also be used to create a significant reduction in initial investment costs for the purchase of new technology.

  • ZeoAqua also makes it possible to reduce the costs of energy consumption when operating technology pumps. At pools, the cost of water heating after rinsing/backwashing is reduced, and finally the life of the filter is extended

ZeoAqua with its unique ion-exchange process of harmful substances, increases the effectiveness of sanitisers and makes it possible to reduce the dose by up to 60%. In summary, ZeoAqua is the most economical, long-term and environment alternative for by far the best result with clean and healthy water. 

Recommended dosage: 

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 16.05.16.png




Density cushion (kg/m3)

Yield index

Large filter (60m3)

Medium filter (30m3)

Small filter (10m3)

Fraction size: 0.7 - 1.4mm
1.2 - 2mm (on request)

ZeoAqua Certification:

According to the Test Report no. 5545-5550/ 2016 issued after testing at the National Reference Laboratory for Food Contact Materials, Regional Authority for Public Health (RÚVZ) Poprad, ZeoAqua fulfils the necessary requirements for use in drinking water treatment, pool water treatment and waste water treatment.

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DIN - Products used for water treatment intended for human use from natural zeolite in accordance with DIN EN16070: 2014-06. The DIN standards comply with international ISO standards, ect.

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European Feed Additives and PreMixtures Quality System

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