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Zeolite    Bedding    Product

Our ZeoStrö is an all natural bedding product derived from our highest quality, 100% organic zeolite clinoptilolite. It is an addition for stables, sheds and sties.

Working by absorption, ZeoStrö keeps animal bedding drier, which helps to counteract the development of fly larvae, mould infestations and bacteria growth. This contributes to an overall significantly healthier animal and wellbeing, while also a more pleasant working environment.

Our tests and evidence show a tendency to resultantly reduce diseases, meaning that ZeoStrö

drastically increases the life of your own litter, and thus saves you both hours and money.

Healthier animals, fewer problems, less medication and veterinary expenses. Why not ZeoStrö?

With ZeoStrö the life cycle of your existing bedding is extended, while turning it into a much more optimal environment. It aids in the endless fight against hoof problems, nasal infections, mastitis, respiratory problems, and the spread of diseases. Evidence from our clients and data collected from research indicates that our ZeoStrö has large scale impacts, especially in improving animal health and reducing odour, because of its uniquely rare ability to absorb liquid and gases. Plus with the potential to open up cost reduction opportunities.

  • ZeoStrö naturally binds ammonia (NH4+) in bedding, reducing bacteria, and disease risk whilst also absorbing ammonia gas (NH3) as it is released. Thus improving living and working conditions.

  • Assists in reducing the risk of many common health problems in animal husbandry. Such as foot lesions, antibiotic usage, and bacterial and fungal growth.

  • Helps reduce odours and microbiological growth, whilst reducing moisture level of bedding.

  • Encapsulates nitrogen and phosphates in the faeces to control leaching into the surrounding environment; turning urea and ammonia into 'ammonia nitrate', to then have a controlled slow release when the old bedding is used as fertiliser.

  • This increases the value of your bedding as an end-use material, due to the captured ammonia being slowly released, either on the land or AD (anaerobic digestion), whilst simultaneously improving soil fertility (CEC).

  • Retains up to 80% of nutrients which prevent runoff and soil leaching = less pollution

  • The reduced humidity of the bedding reduces the fly population (flies thrive on humidity).

  • Helps prevent foods from lumping and  being contaminated by moulds & mycotoxins.


How to use ZeoStrö in your bedding? 
  • Bedding for layers: Combined with sawdust or straw at 1-1.5kg/m2

  • Dairy cows: Sheds with solid floor surfaces without grates - 500g/week/cow

  • Horses: 0.5-2kg/m2/week

  • Deep bedding: 0.5-2kg/m2/week

  • Application for other animal species: Sprinkling over the floor with a dosage of 0.5-2kg/m2 of floor area

  • Fattening of broilers: tbe applied with an introduction of bedding in the shed-dosage 2kg/m2. During fattening, the material is to be refilled only near the feeders and nipple drinkers, in order to minimise disturbances in the hall. Complete replacement of bedding is to be carried out after the termination of the fattening cycle, once per 28 to 40 days.

Weaning Trials with 
KRAV white transparent.png

A test using both CEC-Foder and ZeoStrö was conducted on the same litter, but divided into two separate enclosures on a KRAV pig farm. The Zeo-Concept group received about 5% product in addition to their usual feed. The trial was composed of 100 pigs per group, with the Zeo-Concept pigs having free access to CEC-Foder to eat, and ZeoStrö spread into their bedding. The feed was done via their usual feeding bowls, with the addition of CEC-Foder, meaning it was not dosed to each individual animal. Prior to the test, the farm checked the animals to make certain they were not diseased and in optimal condition, ensuring a fair trial and more reliable results. The amount of feed and number of animals were registered and followed up during the process by the Farm Manager, and his team, who recorded and complied the documentation for Zeo-Concept ECE.

So what did they find? 

During the trial, both groups stayed healthy in general, with the farm assessing that external influences and diseases were minimal. HOWEVER, in the Zeo-Concept group there were no signs of weakness, sagging or disease apparent in the animals AT ALL. This group also demonstrated a much higher feed consumption early into weaning, and took solid feed better and faster than the control group. The control group had two deaths linked to weaning diarrhoea, with also a lower feed consumption. Furthermore, in the control group there were several pigs with sagging, that quickly fell behind in the growth rate. The Zeo-Concept group clearly indicated an economic gain, with reduced cases of disease and higher growth.

The greatest gain was not even yet visible at the time, with other trials showing an 8-10% faster growth during the pigs first 138 days.

In manure and slurry ZeoStrö binds up the ammonia, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, transforming the waste into a slow-release natural NPK fertiliser, via ion-exchange. The net result for the slurry is that it becomes 3x more powerful in the ground or can be used for 3x the area.

Once upon a farm not so far away...

The Normal Way

The Zeo-Way

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